Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shady Lady Shakshuka...

The cool change finally hit melbourne today (four days over 40 degrees celcius!!!) & now that its cooler I am craving warm wintery food. 
One of my favourite wintery meals is from a cafes called Auction Rooms.
My favourite meal there is named the "Shady deal" - Pretty much its a Shakshuka of braised spiced tomato, eggplant, peppers, and chick peas. They top it with 2 poached eggs and served with grilled flatbread. Omnomnom... Its such a fun dish to eat because its spicy (chilli chilli I love chilli in my belly) & I love scooping out the chickpeas with the grilled flatbread. Eating with your hands is the besssst! Plus, scooping all that deliciousness into my mouth is pretty much the same as doing a bicep curl right??? Pretty sure thats how muscles work...

Soo thought I would show you my dear miss pretty version of the 'shady deal'. I am going to call it the 'shady lady shakshuka'. 

Look, I am not claiming to be the next *insert famous chef name here*... but DANG this was good! So let me know if you want the recipe? It was incredibly easy to whip up & was made nearly entirely from the contents of my garden (herbs, capsicum, garlic, onion, beans & chilli) & a few helpful extras that were lying around in the pantry!!  

ps. Feel free to add some poached eggs or spicy sausage to get some extra protein! I merely didn't because I don't eat meat & the texture of eggs just freaks me out too much sometimes. Haha

Dear Miss Pretty xx

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