Monday, October 1, 2012

Up on the hill across the blue lake

I really adore music. I am perpetually humming tunes in my head & occasionally I am ashamed to admit they slip out... Most of the time I am completely unaware I am singing aloud! Yes, I am that vague.
The funniest awkward moment involving 'accidental out loud singing' was when I went grocery shopping. Whilst analysing the pro & cons of buying macadamia nuts a gentleman came up behind me and started singing the harmony to the song I had previously been utterly unaware that I had been humming. It was like a spontaneous flash mob, but creepier & less in tune!
my life is so odd!

My point being?

Right, I love music! So when I discovered this skirt for the grand sum of $1 at the salvos I had to have it! Uh, it has a conductor, musical notes & a brass band. I needed it in my life. LOVE!

Recycling is cool. Hope your having an incredible day.
Dear Miss Pretty xx

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