Tuesday, September 4, 2012

september veggie patch update

My winter crops have been a little slow, but I presume this is more to do with lack of attention rather than anything else. Has been far too cold to be out in the patch for more than a few minutes...

insert green thumb joke here
This year my winter crops were a little experimental! So I wasn't ever going to be too fussed if nothing grew! I am trying my luck at growing the garlic & also broad beans. Both of which I am pleased with thus far. The broad beans are towering well & truly above my head, setting fruit/beans thanks to a solitary bee I see buzzing about from time to time. The garlic look fairly lush in my raised bed also. Seeing all the healthy garlic shoots makes me happy that they have survived winter, however I am concerned that my garlics are expending their energies into foliage growth rather than bulb growth. But, I don't know how to change that... Still such an amateur! Just leave it be I guess? Any don burkes care to suggest any garlic bulb magic tricks?

In other news my broccoli, romanesco calabrese & purple sprouting broccoli have been a welcome addition to the kitchen. As have my turnips & celery! Haha, actually thought I planted parsnips, but no. definitely turnips!

Now that springtime is here, I am super excited (as per normal)!!! We have torn up the veggie patch area & planted a third box! All my seedlings are sitting patiently on my windowsill waiting for the weather to be consistently warm enough to survive outside. Here is hoping for a tomatoey & basil haven this summer. Cannot wait!
dear miss pretty xx

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