Tuesday, September 25, 2012

in the garden - september

This month has been fairly quiet in my little garden.

After being shamefully neglected for the last year. Never watered, never fed. My Artichoke beat the odds & is producing pretty chokes!! Woo!

Having never grown broad beans before I didn't realise a) how long they take to grow... b) how TALL they grow. They are towering over my head (making them over 170cm tall)! Aieeee! There are hundreds of pods on the plants, but none ready to pick quite yet. They just keep on flowering too!! Patience is not my strongest quality.

Amongst other garden gossip: I have added another vegetable box to the garden!!! My plan is to completely fill the new box with tomatoes that I have grown from seed. I am soo ridiculously excited & have gone utterly overboard with the amount of tomatoes! The tomatoes I am growing from seed are the pink brandywine (from saved seed), anna russian, periforme, green zebra, black russian, black from tula, grannies throwing tomato, pineapple, anna russian, black zebra, speckled roman & yellow pear.... yeah... shush up... I just really love tomatoes ok...

Summertime is going to be very very exciting (for me & my stomach)!


How does your garden grow?

dear miss pretty xx

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