Saturday, September 1, 2012

if I had a boat

if I had a boat, i would sail to you
hold you in my arms, ask you to be true
once i had a dream, it died long before
now i'm pointed north, hoping for the shore.
-james vincent mcmorrow

There are two types of people in this world. Those who write lists & those who don't.
I am without a doubt the kind of person who writes lists.
Lists for groceries, lists of expenses, lists of favourite songs, lists of pros & cons, lists of the pros & cons of writing lists... You get the idea.
Well, today I got to tick one of these 'things to do' off!  HIP HIP!!!
Approximately two years ago I was given the sweetest aqua blue 1950s skirt & jacket. Anyways, the skirt was amazing (blue is my weakness), but too long & had a small stain. So after immense amounts of procrastinating I finally hemmed said skirt to a slightly more modern length. Now I just need to get back into running so I can comfortably wear it without fear of frightening locals & small children...
Dont you love it when you finally achieve a goal you've set out to do!

Dear Miss Pretty xx

ps. must write a list on how to get summer ready legs...


  1. Love your skirt, such a pretty color!

  2. merci! turquoise never fails to bring a smile to my face :)

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