Monday, September 3, 2012

cocoloco rooibos cupcakes

We are having a rooibos baking competition at work this month, so I am trialling a few cupcake combinations! You are going to get verrry used to seeing rooibos on my blog this week! Haha! The trick to baking with tea is to drink as much tea as humanly possible whilst baking. Its like drinking cooking sherry but with less hangover consequences! Unless you combine the tea with cooking sherry... Ok, now seriously, the trick to baking with tea (rooibos or black teas) is to infuse the tea quite strongly into either the milk or water portions of the recipe.

Let me introduce the
Cocoloco rooibos cupcake!
Its a classic vanilla style cupcake, super moist & fluffy thanks to the yummy red green vanilla rooibos tea with a desiccated coconut twist. The rooibos tea I used is a really smooth velvety green vanilla rooibos that really compliments anything cupcakey. You probably wouldn't even need to add any vanilla extract to your baking if you used this tea... But I did because I am mad about vanilla!!! The more the merrier! Yum! 
I also added the red green vanilla rooibos tea leaves to the buttercream icing (both as the water portion & also for decoration purposes).  BOSS.

Rooibos tea is high in iron! Which makes these practically medicine... Thats how it works right?

nom nom nom

hope you enjoyed your day today!
dear miss pretty xx

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