Thursday, August 9, 2012


Life has been a big pool of busy lately!
So I wanted to maximise my much needed day off, so I went on a little road trip to Dromana.
On the way to heronswood gardens, we stopped off at one of my favourite little cafes along the peninsula. A quirky little place named Lilo. The cafe is right on the beach, cosy, modern & has a city edge. Which I love. Apart from the delicious food, it is also incredibly visually appealing. Imagine a box of green crayons exploded in a cafe & you are left with Lilo. I mean that in a good way. Decorated in numerous shades of green, you can tell that whoever decorated this place had far too much fun!

eye spy a pineapple lamp & the statue of liberty!
cactus teacups. of course.

caffeine fix

Theres always something new & quirky happening there if you look. Last time I visited was in the summertime and they had potted heirloom tomato on the counter for sale. This time I fell in love with cute up-cycled jar's the owners had made.
vintage farm figurines glued onto vintage jar caps & spray painted!

Now admittedly I could make this fairly easily, but I always like to financially support & encourage people who have innovative creative ideas (lets blame my artist family for this 'appreciate art' mentality). So I went home with the cute horse jar for $12.
Raise a glass of champagne. Here is to losing hair ties no more! Cheers!!!
dear miss pretty xx


  1. That place is wonderful!!! Can't wait to go again!!!

    1. It always reminds me of you too! soo much greene! Can't wait!!!