Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm fluffy and i know it

meet my other dog. she was a little miffed not to be mentioned earlier...

name: hi im daisy, feel free to pat me & fall in love
breed: spoodle - I'm like a fluffy french chenille rug
gender: miss
favourite toy: ball or mumma pretty. hmmn... i choose mumma pretty. she gives better snuggles.
favourite activity: snuggles. obviously. 
least favourite activity: when people find me too cute. such a drainer! i tend to just go completely floppy & make them work for it.
best trick: my ability to open sliding doors with my paw is up there.
collects: odd sport socks from the laundry baskets & anything furry that i can use as camoflage.
guilty pleasure: sneakily pashing humans when they least expect it. so much love for the humans. 
fears: climbing up stairs & being left in the dark.
worst habits: invisible manoeuvre. planking so flat that i become a furry rug, when the target is in sight i pounce!!! its seriously the best fun. sometimes the humans step on me though...
any other closing thoughts: I am fluffier than a chenille rug. snuggle me.


dear miss pretty


  1. stunning photos and really good blog! Plus for you.. Have a nice day, lady :)


  2. thanks so much lipoo! just had a look at your blog also, its great. really appreciate your comment :)