Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Friends are like food

Some are like macaroons -
They come in a million trillion different colours & flavours. The creativity and beauty is amazing! However whether they be a salted caramel, blueberry, creme brule or after dinner mint. These sugar coated delightful treats astound for a short time but have no substance. If you fill yourself with these, you will end up with a belly ache & sugary light head.

Some are like [sandwiches] -
Your mum likes them. Mainly because they are safe. Unfortunately they are  pretty boring. Especially the ones without crusts. Seriously... Who cuts off crusts?! And because you were forced to eat them all through school, as soon as you develop any independence you will swap these sandwich friends for anything more exciting. For better or worse.

Some friends are like tofu -
Tofu is a good source of protein, but is ridiculously chewy, totally tasteless & only vegetarians eat it. Tofu friends are highly educated friends who will use worlds like manifold, propensity & revelatory, regardless of the social setting. Sigh! If you are one of these friends you will have noticed that I spelled revelatory with the american spelling not the english spelling. These friends are well meaning & can genuinely be beneficial to your life. However they have a tendency to preach their immaculately formulated good ideals, these friends are often quite bland & slightly disengaged with the rest of the world that exists outside of their safe tasteless chewy tofu circle.

Some friends are like BBQ sausages -
Such party treats, not too fancy pantsy, saucy & generally delish. BBQ sausage friends tend to be seasonal. When the last ukulele chords have been played for the season & the weather drops below 25, they pack away into hibernation. They don't seem to exist in colder months, although I am sure they have bought a wetsuit & are surfing somewhere? Dont worry too much about them disappearing over winter, they reemerge next summer! Like all good BBQ sausages do. So enjoy these iconic summer staples while the sun is still out!

Some friends are like fruit

I feel this is fairly self explanatory! Great but fairly... er... fruity? Small doses of cray cray are great & necessary. But I probably wouldn't want a whole basket for dinner.

Some friends are like   brie cheese   - 
Lets face it, brie cheese is cheese. Cheese that is not content to be regular cheese. Oh no, it's a little fermented darlings! This is the type of friend that works really really hard to be different from every other person in the universe & spends exorbitant amounts of time/money to appear different. These friends can still be amazing talented people to be around as they have invested their lives into becoming super skilled & unique. Often with talent comes narcissism. Unsurprisingly, brie cheese friends only like other brie cheese friends, they hate being surrounded by plain regular cheese. Unfortunately these friends, often have very little interest in being friends to anyone who does not further their careers or meet their blue cheese ways. They get very caught up in their blue mouldiness, so be careful to not let the blue mould spread to you.. Enjoy these friends in small doses at your mutual high brow events but be sure to munch with a good chunk of bread.

Some friends are like (sushi) -
Cold & all wrapped up in seaweed, then wrapped in rice... Sushi friends are actually mostly great! To the majority of people they just seem cold, aloof & confusing little tubes. Shhh... This is actually just a farce!!! But they won't tell you that. There are all kinds of goodness once you get past the seaweed & rice layers. The main downside is that they do take quite a bit of effort to get to know. They have layers to know if they trust you, but once you get to know & like a sushi friend. Its for life baby! I wouldn't want to eat ONLY cold food all the time though.

Some friends are cake -
YUM!! oh wait! WHAAA??? These are the friends that WE think are great because they always seem to show up at the best kinds of parties. Unfortunately, they just don't care for us very much & are quite willing to cellulite our legs. dang it.

Some friends are vegetables -
Nutritious, colourful, not always the thing you would initially choose to eat but are totally necessary. Vegetable friends aren't always the most 'look at me look at me' friends, they are always there for you & as a result can often be neglected/undervalued. Vegetables are at the base of the food pyramid, without these veggie friends to ground you, you will flail for stability under your own ego. These friends tend to be the ones who tell it like it is!!! This will initially leave you offside, but unpopular words spoken in honesty are the ones that resonate & ultimately take root.  The funniest thing about vegetable friends is that you learn to appreciate them more & more as you age. They keep you healthy & always leave you feeling full. I like veggie friends!

You are what you eat. So be sure its something with some nutrients.

Dear Miss Pretty xx

ps. Did I miss any?

great friends eat chocolate brownies for breakfast!

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