Monday, July 30, 2012

i just met you and i already love you

meet my dog.

I just met you & I already love you

name: brinkley
breed: golden retriever
gender: mister
favourite toy: toys? I just want everyone to love me!
favourite activity: being patted & leaning
least favourite activity: not being patted. it's the worst!
best trick: shaking paws
collects: socks & pieces of paper
guilty pleasure: sitting in the potato patch
favourite movie star: aslan from the narnia chronicles.
worst habit: sometimes brinkley gets so overwhelmed with excitement that he is going on a run with miss pretty that he stops directly in front to give a love lick. resulting in either a successful hurdle, or a rather flamboyant owner fall. more often than not it is the latter. many a car & fit person has borne witness to this dramatic event. dang it.

dear miss pretty

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