Friday, June 3, 2011

What the heck have I been doing

Honestly, I am not entirely sure if this is for your benefit or mine? Thought I should write a quick catch up post to show you what I have been up to while I disappeared from blog land. Sometimes life seems to find a way of making one all frazzled and busy doesnt it! (Surely I cannot be the only one who finds it difficult to find extra hours in my day? Surely???)

Well, there have been many changes in the last few months. A time of changing directions, re-evaluating & growing. Am I truly the person I want to be? What do I want my footprint to be in this life? Where do I choose to focus my time & attentions? BIG & important questions!
However there is only so much contemplation that is constructive for a soul. So in order to get my mind off, well, other things... I have been keeping myself active & getting involved in as many projects as possible.

I was recently interviewed for a brand new magazine called WDCA
Sometimes you have those moments where a beautiful opportunity arrives out of thin air! For me, being interviewed for WDCA was one of those moments! Got to love those moments. I was interviewed about my vintage boutique black swan vintage by the lovely writer Estelle. It was definitely more like talking with dear friends than being interviewed! She also works for fashion journal. Amazing. 
We also did a photoshoot (sneak peek below) & as a self proclaimed tea connoisseur I plied everyone with more tea than is possibly healthy... I should really own shares in T2! Therefore it did not suprise me in the slightest that my teapots made a feature in most of the scenes on the photoshoot...

Here are some behind the scenes snaps:
general whimsy that was lying around my house!

Estelle & myself - She is GORGEOUS!!

Sam Koh - WDC Magazine genius.

Lets be friends!
dear miss pretty xx

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