Thursday, December 16, 2010

the house with pink smoke

Its very nearly christmas!!!! AHHHH!
The best way to prepare for the holidays
  1. Whip out the mariah, bing & hi5 christmas cds! STAT. (its not a real christmas without these celebs in my home)
  2. Hang the christmas stockings under the fireplace.
  3. Assemble the tree! Oh tannenbaum!
  4. Put mariah carey "all I want for christmas" on repeat for at least an hour.
  5. Collect christmas spices from the supermarket (Im thinking christmas pumpkin pies & gingerbread).
  6. Practice your 'alvin and the chipmunks' christmas voice. 
  7. Work out a christmas shopping list BEFORE heading to the shops.
  8. Make sure you remember where you parked at large shopping centres. It can be slightly awkward when people stalking you for a carpark ask if your leaving & you reply with a "maaaaybe?"... (personal experience)
  9. Grab some bells & leave your friends personalised voicemail messages "Merry Christmas! Alllll I want for christmas is *insert appropriate name here*' Just for giggles.
  10. Turn your house into a haven of christmassy baked goods. Do not clean the bench as you cook. You are not being filmed for masterchef. Instead allow the kitchen mess to spread around the house, until the piano is coated with a fine layer of icing sugar. A clean house is a sign of a life wasted! Have fun.
  11. Enjoy spending time with loved ones & remember the reason for the season. Its called Christmas! Christ is with us!
Also... Sometimes I cant be bothered wiping the flour off my face. So if you see a girl walking about the market with a floral garland & flourface. Yup I have been baking.
Heres a sampling of some of my messy gingerbread house & cookie making thus far. You can put a tealight inside and have some cottage lighting at night time. Yeah, its not perfect (it looks cuter in real life!), but gee did I have some fun!
Merry Christmas!
Dear Miss Pretty xx