Monday, August 23, 2010

frosty paintout parties

I am not a winter lover.
No amount of hot chocolates & toasted marshmallows can ever convince me that winter is a superior season... Having said all of this. In a desperate effort to avoid turning into a melancholic artist stereotype who moans about trivial things like seasonal injustice. I am trying to discover things about winter I can love.
Cue the invention of the frosty picnic paintout party!!

Objection: To have a frosty picnic painty party

Materials: Picnic rug, watercolour paper, watercolours, nibbles, notebook, pencils, basket, music & a warm coat (dreamers probably dont need this)

*Pack your basket. Make sure it is full of goodies. Things that will make you smile & not hate life. Take something to munch, something to listen to, something to read & something to write/draw your inspirations on.
*Wear a fun outfit that inspires you! Even if it is ever so slightly impractical for picnicking (lace tights & heels?)
*Bring a mega winter coat!!! And a scarf. And an extra blanket. And some gloves. This may mean that nobody sees your super cute outfit concoction underneath, but insures you wont die of frostbite.
*Bring a camera! You never know what you might see!!
*Find your picnic spot. Perhaps a cute tree to perch yourself under? Or maybe an iced lake? Or a billabong? Or perhaps a bench in a city park? Find your own personal slice of winter heaven.
*Indulge your imagination. If you are very uncomfortable sitting still thinking, try some practical relaxation to occupy your brain, such as painting, reading a book or listening to lyrics to a song.
For me, relaxing includes experimenting with different watercolours, praying for friends, planning a imaginary biz, dreaming of monet paintings, dreaming of mr darcy as I sit imagining, dreaming of paris, dreaming of florence, writing music, adopting imaginary children, planting & weeding the garden, solving all the worlds problems & just snuggling under a blanket like a tweenager at a sleepover party (except by myself... during the day).

Ok... So I admit that it sounds incredibly awkward, but I ensure you that it is incredible indulgent & altogether restorative! Spending time outdoors always manages to put things into perspective. There is something so wonderful about stopping to smell the roses (or camelias in my case).
Anyway, thats all from me today. Hope everyone is well & surviving the cold melbourne winter!

love you all,
Dear Miss Pretty xoxo

ps. Yes. I did study science at university.