Sunday, April 18, 2010

boheme heart

She moves in her own way.
She floats, She dances on the breeze,
as if it were a melody.
She is real from head to toe,
just like her heart & like her soul.


Oh why hello there!
Its sharing & caring time!! Here are some pictures from a photoshoot I ran the other day. It was a lovely afternoon for a shoot with my favourite photographer Rhiannon Taylor (She is a genious! You should see some of her architectural photography. Perfection!)
Believe it or not, this particular photoshoot actually started off as a 'city, audrey hepburn, it-girl look' with lots of monochromatic outfits & mega heels. But I cant seem to help myself, I simply felt in the mood to frolick. So I quickly changed the outfits & we had a carefree bohemian field seshion! Oh how I love a good field frolick! Dont we all? sigh!

This shoot features clothing from my vintage clothing label BlackSwanVintage. So if you have the time, I would LOVE it if you had a little peek at my shop :)
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Thanks for reading my little bloggie x

photography: Rhiannon Taylor
model: Zoe Ludekens
stylist: Rebekah Pretty (dearmisspretty)

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