Thursday, April 29, 2010

the annabelle cupcakes

mmm warm creamy comforting vanilla spongey cupcakes, topped with a pastel pink rose flavoured buttercream frosting, white chocolate garnish & coconut sprinkling. yes, please & thankyou!

the annabelle cupcakes.
these cupcakes are dedicated to my lovely dog annabelle who sadly went to dog heaven this week. thanks for protecting me when I went jogging, howling harmonies when I tried to sing, sitting on my lap in my emo teen years, also... thanks for letting me make you wear a pink glittery jingling cat collar... Even though u were a dog. Fashion first. Miss u but hope you are having fun chasing those parrots in heaven xx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

boheme heart

She moves in her own way.
She floats, She dances on the breeze,
as if it were a melody.
She is real from head to toe,
just like her heart & like her soul.


Oh why hello there!
Its sharing & caring time!! Here are some pictures from a photoshoot I ran the other day. It was a lovely afternoon for a shoot with my favourite photographer Rhiannon Taylor (She is a genious! You should see some of her architectural photography. Perfection!)
Believe it or not, this particular photoshoot actually started off as a 'city, audrey hepburn, it-girl look' with lots of monochromatic outfits & mega heels. But I cant seem to help myself, I simply felt in the mood to frolick. So I quickly changed the outfits & we had a carefree bohemian field seshion! Oh how I love a good field frolick! Dont we all? sigh!

This shoot features clothing from my vintage clothing label BlackSwanVintage. So if you have the time, I would LOVE it if you had a little peek at my shop :)
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Thanks for reading my little bloggie x

photography: Rhiannon Taylor
model: Zoe Ludekens
stylist: Rebekah Pretty (dearmisspretty)