Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am a deeply impractical person.

I am a deeply impractical person.
For example, today I deemed it appropriate to bake a banana chocolate cake. Despite me being intolerant to dairy & not liking chocolate. Why? I am not entirely sure... Hopefully I can find someone to eat it!
The impractical gene is deeply rooted in me.
For example: I think it appropriate to wear stillettos to do my grocery shopping. I wear evening dresses to do house cleaning. I make floral headbands before going to sleep. I am learning to play the mandolin before learning the guitar. I curl my hair before walking my dogs. On holidays at the beach I made 10 tutus that I have no intention of wearing. 'Jumpers' & 'sweaters' are optional extras in winter. As far as I am concerned if something practical doesnt fit in my bag, then it doesnt exsist. What are umbrellas?? Silk, pearls, taffeta & feathers are for everyday wear. Having said this... I love camping, climbing trees, jumping off cliffs & fishing for trout. Strange strange! Then again, has anyone ever met a normal person? I would be interested to know what they look like!
Wearing: Vintage velvet & feather hat, siren brogues (perhaps innapropriate footwear for forest walks?), reconstructed vintage pink lace dress, victorian era collar, jag waist belt, excessive eyeliner, my great grandmas beaded purse & a few pineneedles.

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  1. cute post. gorgeous outfit. I feel one that is highly practical ;) xx