Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In one singular granny hug

I am just pondering humanity. As you do.

Here is my take on it today:
I genuinely appreciate it when people take the time to get to know you. I have realised that EVERYONE has a story. More than that, I have realised that everyone has a story with enough merit to listen to. You dont have to be an action hero to have lessons and wisdom that I can learn from. Something that bugs me is when people judge others solely on appearance. I see this on both sides of the spectrum. People are judged for wearing clothing that is too tight or too short, for being too arty and not fitting in the square box, for dressing too conservatively which MUST mean they are boring... right?
WHEN will we learn that clothing, image, tatoos, peircings, skin colour or family structures do not define a persons heart???

On that: I saw something that made me smile not too long ago.

I was at smith st late one night, when I stopped at the traffic lights. Lined up along the sidewalk were about 7 men of various ages. They were lying down with threadbare blankets in the rain & some of the men had small bundles of clothing. I found myself wondering how each had ended up living on the streets. What were their names? What were their stories? How did they end up here? If I was homeless where would I shower? (apparently these guys didnt care too much about that, my window was down. I could smell them). They were causing such a disturbance making lots of noise and calling crude things out to me. It was a little uncomfortable... So I wound my window up for safety.

A little old lady came shuffling along smith st. Dressed in her pastel pink fluffy cardigan with her snow white hair elegantly coiffed. The epitomy of gran fashion.
I expected her to cross to the other side of the street for safety (as so many others were doing). However she made a bee line for these rowdy homeless men. She strolled up to the youngest in the group, a 20 something man. He had masses of tattoos all down his arms and back, peircings through his cheeks, and long dreadlocks. He was visibly dirty and glared at her.
They were polar opposites in EVERY respect!
This minute little granny was not afraid of how this gruff (slightly drugged) 20 something appeared. She introduced herself and then proceeded to give him the biggest bear hug you could ever imagine. I think I literally saw his anger melt away in one singular gran hug. It must have been a pretty amazing hug! She gave every person in that group a hug or a granny pat on the head.
Then in her nice pink slacks she sat down (in the rain) and proceeded to just chat to them all.

To me, she was the closest thing to jesus.

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