Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm ready for my close up mr deville

Meet my beautiful sister Anna! I finally convinced slash 'kind of bullied' her into letting me take photos of her before she went out to a party (1950s style). She is wearing a dress my mother whipped up using my dress pattern. They are such sweethearts! Anna is one of those lucky few who is brilliant, sporty, hilarious, musical, pretty & lovely. As if people like that are allowed to exsist!!!

Anyway... this week in pretty land I

Practiced the only scale I know on the mandolin (the g scale), whipped up some playsuits for my upcoming store, nanny-ed, baked, ate scones with jame & cream (YUM), read a few too many books, drank an excessive amount of tea, saw sunset boulevard in an attempt to increase my film knowledge (I still havent seen Titanic), wrote some songs, went for coffees with friends, walked in a field of sunflowers & modelled as a bride. Its been pretty chillaxed.

What have other people been doing this week?

ps. I think this dress style will be one that goes in my new store. Do you like??

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