Friday, March 19, 2010

An ideal playhouse

Does anyone else find that creativity requires a decent chunk of space to orchestrate? I am thinking that I need my own space or office to create/sew/paint/bake/cut patterns/make jewels/who knows... How wonderfull would it be to have a studio!!! But why settle with a mere studio? When you can have... *insert drumroll here*...
a playhouse!!!

This is the playhouse I would choose! hehe! Think of all the fun creative things one could conjure up in such a kitsch paradise! It would be impossible to create something un-cute. Of course tricycles & picnic tables are nescesary


  1. Dear Miss Pretty,

    When I was in Romania or Austria I stayed in a cabin that looked just like this one. It felt like being in a doll house.

  2. Oh my! a romanian (or austrian) triangle cabin!?! it sounds spectacular, you lucky thing! i am definitely envious