Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always a bride

You may remember a while back I requested that summer should pretty please come back? Well...!! It did! So I have been making the most of sunny days with beach trips, boating, donutting in the bay (being dragged behind a speedboat on a tube), regaining my tan & dreaming of playhouses. As a result I have been severely neglecting my vintage shop & blog. So I must apologise for not replying or posting (not sure anyone actually noticed?)

I must admit that I am rather excited to share these photos with my fellow bloggers! They were such fun to shoot! They were taken by the lovely Amy Oliver for her photography website. I had such fun playing dress ups as a bride. All the glamour of a real wedding minus the commitment & hassle of finding a "husband". She works wonders with that camera of hers!!! If you are a melbournian in need of a photographer, be sure check her website out!

Wishing you all lots and lots of love!
Miss Pretty

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