Thursday, February 18, 2010

To the garden, to the garden!

The sun shimmers & glitters,
bringing life to our garden.
The wind whispers & beckons us out to play.

To the garden, to the garden!
But tread with light feet.
For one must be carefull of the littler things.

Flowers arent flowers.
Nay, not merely a plant!
They are vibrant & colourful fairy abodes!!

Oh me oh my! I have been rather excited to post these pictures of my first ever photoshoot as photographer (as opposed to stylist, model, ect ect)! I havent finished editting the entire shoot series, but I couldnt resist posting an early sneak preview!
My little friends & I had a wonderful tea party! Decorated with tulle, saris, oriental fans, tutus, teacups, flowers & all sitting underneath a lemon tree!
They were such a joy to shoot! They really got into the whole teaparty theme, insisting that we have real juice, cookies & other treats. Who am I to resist cookies? Besides, if we hadnt eaten cookies there would have been no leftover crumbs for the garden fairies to eat... right?

Dear Miss Pretty xx

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