Friday, January 29, 2010

Unique in the song that she sings

And when she smiles she shines like a star...

Today I saw a grandma walking in a fluero pink high waist skirt, a houndstooth blouse, black fascinator hat & fluero pink high heels. Instead of swooning at her stylish fluero ensemble, I was captivated by something entirely different. She had a smile that outshone her ridiculously vibrant attire. It was one of those smiles that takes over her face. It was HUGE! It didnt matter about her wrinkles, clothes, or that she was wearing heels on cobblestoned footpath. Ridiculous!
Just seeing her smile made me happy as I drove past.

One of the most attractive things is somebody who is content in their own skin. Whether we be tall or short, have braces, crooked teeth, pimples, wrinkles, are a skinny minny or plump & juicy. No we are not all perfect, but warts and all, we are beautiful. Each face is unique in the song that it sings. Each smile a star! Break the mould of pouty disenchanted discontented youths & smile at a stranger. You may just make their day! What have you got to lose?
Dear Miss Pretty xx

Wearing: vintage veil, little black dress & a smile

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