Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The dollhouse

Hello everyone! I'm not sure whether anyone noticed but I have been rather irregular with my posting. There has been numerous extraneous circumstances that have made it incredibly difficult to get to a computer for the last few weeks!! I should be a little more consistent from now on :)
There has been lots going on in pretty land!
Numerous sewing projects, beach trips, vintage clothing markets, mandolin lessons, writing songs & to top it all of I am housesitting (looking after a duck, goat, chickens, dog, frog, turtle, fish, blue tongue lizard & a bee hive).
I am most excited about pattern making at the moment. The little spotty playsuit is one of my sewing accomplishments from last week! It is so cute & the best thing is that I neednt worry about flashing my knickers at a picnik. Playsuits are so frolick friendly!
Keep your eyes peeled because, I think I shall start a new etsy store verrry soon...
Dear Miss Pretty xx


  1. that picture is so cute. :]

    love your blog!

  2. Thanks so much Bina!
    ps. Love your name, its so different!

  3. Ohmygosh, I am not stalking you... I just LOVE your playsuit! And dollhouse! So, I felt compelled to comment - Trés Cute!

  4. Well hello there Wolf & willow! I am so glad you found me! It was lovely to meet you on sunday, I adored all of your creative bits & pieces. Your a very talented girl! Now we can be blog friends.
    Dear Miss Pretty xx
    ps. Your store is actually TOO darn cute.