Friday, January 29, 2010

Desert Rose Cupcakes

Oh so delicate & pretty! I wanted to create an edible version of the gorgeous desert rose crystal.
Want to know how I did it? Simply whip up some buttercream frosting & use the star piping tool. Hold the icing bag at a 90 degree angle & gently squeeze a small amount out. Gently lift the piping tool upwards being careful not to smudge the star shape. Viola! A star!
Repeat & fill the entire cupcake with lots of buttercream stars. Yes this can get a little tedious, but worth persisting with. Practice makes perfect. Perfect yummy cakes worth doing a little extra excersize for! mmm
Dear Miss Pretty xx

ps. Use a cream frosting on a simple sponge & you are sure to get a beautiful but unusual wedding cake. Be sure to send me a picture if you decide to make one :)

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