Thursday, December 16, 2010

the house with pink smoke

Its very nearly christmas!!!! AHHHH!
The best way to prepare for the holidays
  1. Whip out the mariah, bing & hi5 christmas cds! STAT. (its not a real christmas without these celebs in my home)
  2. Hang the christmas stockings under the fireplace.
  3. Assemble the tree! Oh tannenbaum!
  4. Put mariah carey "all I want for christmas" on repeat for at least an hour.
  5. Collect christmas spices from the supermarket (Im thinking christmas pumpkin pies & gingerbread).
  6. Practice your 'alvin and the chipmunks' christmas voice. 
  7. Work out a christmas shopping list BEFORE heading to the shops.
  8. Make sure you remember where you parked at large shopping centres. It can be slightly awkward when people stalking you for a carpark ask if your leaving & you reply with a "maaaaybe?"... (personal experience)
  9. Grab some bells & leave your friends personalised voicemail messages "Merry Christmas! Alllll I want for christmas is *insert appropriate name here*' Just for giggles.
  10. Turn your house into a haven of christmassy baked goods. Do not clean the bench as you cook. You are not being filmed for masterchef. Instead allow the kitchen mess to spread around the house, until the piano is coated with a fine layer of icing sugar. A clean house is a sign of a life wasted! Have fun.
  11. Enjoy spending time with loved ones & remember the reason for the season. Its called Christmas! Christ is with us!
Also... Sometimes I cant be bothered wiping the flour off my face. So if you see a girl walking about the market with a floral garland & flourface. Yup I have been baking.
Heres a sampling of some of my messy gingerbread house & cookie making thus far. You can put a tealight inside and have some cottage lighting at night time. Yeah, its not perfect (it looks cuter in real life!), but gee did I have some fun!
Merry Christmas!
Dear Miss Pretty xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

to go where there is no path

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Oh how I love a good roadtrip to the beach! Certainly I cannot be the only one out there in a state of perpetual wanderlust? If only someone would pay me to travel the beach & play in the sunshine...
Anyway, here are a few shots from my latest photoshoot for my vintage store blackswan vintage, featuring clothing that will be listed verrry soon.




My models & I xx

Kisses to amazing photographer Jason Lau, kisses to my beautiful models Tessa (miranda kerr), Hannah (serena van der woodsen), Greg & awesome assistant Sean. You are all amazing people inside & out!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

september blues

Playing with my mandolin. Its lovely & sounds like an orchestra of violins tuning.

When I stand on my chair people listen!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dear miss daisy is not a vegetarian

The weather is warming up, the spring flowers are showing their glorious faces &... I have a new puppy! 
Meet daisy pretty. She is a golden spoodle (cocker spaniel crossed with a mini poodle) full of spunk, licks & cuddles. She has a tendency to do flips when she gets excited, cover her eyes with her paws (for no reason), fall asleep with her belly in the air & chew on flowers. Cuteness. Oh and she is most definitely NOT a vegetarian. hehe! Hope you enjoy the piccys
DMP xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lemon sherbet cupcakes

Today I met a man who had a long electric blue goatee & brilliant green nailpolish. How very snazzy! Somehow he reminded me ever so slightly of a hairy human version captain planet. It was exciting at the time.

Anyway, moving right along...
I have feeling inspired by spring (wheee for daffodil patches!). So I whipped up this batch of spring-shine lemon sherbet cupcakes! Seriously addictive tangy lemon cupcakes with a lemon sherbet frosting topped with white violets.

The Lemon Sherbet Cupcakes
Lemon zest cupcakes
  • 1 1/3 cups (200g) self raising flour
  • 3/4 cup (165g) caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Finely grated zest of 4 lemons

Lemon Sherbet frosting
  • 125g unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups (300g) icing sugar mixture
  • 1 1/2 tbs lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup of sherbet (wizz fizz works)
  • yellow food colouring
  • white violets to decorate.

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line your muffin tray with patty cake liners.
2. Beat together the butter, vanilla extract & sugar with an electric beater (I used my new kitchen aid. love it). Beat till its light & creamy. Mix through the lemon zest & taste test till you reach the desired zestyness. I like mine with lots of tang!
3. Add the eggs to the mixture one at a time, beating well after each egg. Then gently fold the milk & flour in. Divide the mixture evenly among the patty cake liners.
4. Bake for 20 minutes, or till golden brown. It should spring back when touched. Set aside to cool on a rack while you prepare your sherbet icing.
5. To make icing, beat the butter with your electric beater till its light and creamy. Add the icing sugar a little at a time, beating constantly. Add the sherbet bit by bit. Add half the lemon juice. Beat until well combined. Add the remaining lemon juice a little at a time.
6. Prettify!! Pipe the icing onto the cooled cupcakes & decorate with white violets (or another edible flower).
7. Present your lemon tang treats to your loved ones & enjoy the thrilled oo's and aa's!

Boys, I think you should make these as a special treat for your mum. She will be beside herself with pride!!! Another idea I had was to drop a batch of these cupcakes off at a strangers doorstep as a mystery "be blessed!" treat. heehee. Isnt that a fun idea?

Please let me know if you bake my recipe for yourself, I do so love hearing your stories :) Also, if you have any baking requests, cupcake suggestions or challenges, write me a comment & I might just have a go!

Dear Miss Pretty xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

frosty paintout parties

I am not a winter lover.
No amount of hot chocolates & toasted marshmallows can ever convince me that winter is a superior season... Having said all of this. In a desperate effort to avoid turning into a melancholic artist stereotype who moans about trivial things like seasonal injustice. I am trying to discover things about winter I can love.
Cue the invention of the frosty picnic paintout party!!

Objection: To have a frosty picnic painty party

Materials: Picnic rug, watercolour paper, watercolours, nibbles, notebook, pencils, basket, music & a warm coat (dreamers probably dont need this)

*Pack your basket. Make sure it is full of goodies. Things that will make you smile & not hate life. Take something to munch, something to listen to, something to read & something to write/draw your inspirations on.
*Wear a fun outfit that inspires you! Even if it is ever so slightly impractical for picnicking (lace tights & heels?)
*Bring a mega winter coat!!! And a scarf. And an extra blanket. And some gloves. This may mean that nobody sees your super cute outfit concoction underneath, but insures you wont die of frostbite.
*Bring a camera! You never know what you might see!!
*Find your picnic spot. Perhaps a cute tree to perch yourself under? Or maybe an iced lake? Or a billabong? Or perhaps a bench in a city park? Find your own personal slice of winter heaven.
*Indulge your imagination. If you are very uncomfortable sitting still thinking, try some practical relaxation to occupy your brain, such as painting, reading a book or listening to lyrics to a song.
For me, relaxing includes experimenting with different watercolours, praying for friends, planning a imaginary biz, dreaming of monet paintings, dreaming of mr darcy as I sit imagining, dreaming of paris, dreaming of florence, writing music, adopting imaginary children, planting & weeding the garden, solving all the worlds problems & just snuggling under a blanket like a tweenager at a sleepover party (except by myself... during the day).

Ok... So I admit that it sounds incredibly awkward, but I ensure you that it is incredible indulgent & altogether restorative! Spending time outdoors always manages to put things into perspective. There is something so wonderful about stopping to smell the roses (or camelias in my case).
Anyway, thats all from me today. Hope everyone is well & surviving the cold melbourne winter!

love you all,
Dear Miss Pretty xoxo

ps. Yes. I did study science at university.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the annabelle cupcakes

mmm warm creamy comforting vanilla spongey cupcakes, topped with a pastel pink rose flavoured buttercream frosting, white chocolate garnish & coconut sprinkling. yes, please & thankyou!

the annabelle cupcakes.
these cupcakes are dedicated to my lovely dog annabelle who sadly went to dog heaven this week. thanks for protecting me when I went jogging, howling harmonies when I tried to sing, sitting on my lap in my emo teen years, also... thanks for letting me make you wear a pink glittery jingling cat collar... Even though u were a dog. Fashion first. Miss u but hope you are having fun chasing those parrots in heaven xx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

boheme heart

She moves in her own way.
She floats, She dances on the breeze,
as if it were a melody.
She is real from head to toe,
just like her heart & like her soul.


Oh why hello there!
Its sharing & caring time!! Here are some pictures from a photoshoot I ran the other day. It was a lovely afternoon for a shoot with my favourite photographer Rhiannon Taylor (She is a genious! You should see some of her architectural photography. Perfection!)
Believe it or not, this particular photoshoot actually started off as a 'city, audrey hepburn, it-girl look' with lots of monochromatic outfits & mega heels. But I cant seem to help myself, I simply felt in the mood to frolick. So I quickly changed the outfits & we had a carefree bohemian field seshion! Oh how I love a good field frolick! Dont we all? sigh!

This shoot features clothing from my vintage clothing label BlackSwanVintage. So if you have the time, I would LOVE it if you had a little peek at my shop :)
----------------- click here to have a little shop ----------------- 

Thanks for reading my little bloggie x

photography: Rhiannon Taylor
model: Zoe Ludekens
stylist: Rebekah Pretty (dearmisspretty)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In one singular granny hug

I am just pondering humanity. As you do.

Here is my take on it today:
I genuinely appreciate it when people take the time to get to know you. I have realised that EVERYONE has a story. More than that, I have realised that everyone has a story with enough merit to listen to. You dont have to be an action hero to have lessons and wisdom that I can learn from. Something that bugs me is when people judge others solely on appearance. I see this on both sides of the spectrum. People are judged for wearing clothing that is too tight or too short, for being too arty and not fitting in the square box, for dressing too conservatively which MUST mean they are boring... right?
WHEN will we learn that clothing, image, tatoos, peircings, skin colour or family structures do not define a persons heart???

On that: I saw something that made me smile not too long ago.

I was at smith st late one night, when I stopped at the traffic lights. Lined up along the sidewalk were about 7 men of various ages. They were lying down with threadbare blankets in the rain & some of the men had small bundles of clothing. I found myself wondering how each had ended up living on the streets. What were their names? What were their stories? How did they end up here? If I was homeless where would I shower? (apparently these guys didnt care too much about that, my window was down. I could smell them). They were causing such a disturbance making lots of noise and calling crude things out to me. It was a little uncomfortable... So I wound my window up for safety.

A little old lady came shuffling along smith st. Dressed in her pastel pink fluffy cardigan with her snow white hair elegantly coiffed. The epitomy of gran fashion.
I expected her to cross to the other side of the street for safety (as so many others were doing). However she made a bee line for these rowdy homeless men. She strolled up to the youngest in the group, a 20 something man. He had masses of tattoos all down his arms and back, peircings through his cheeks, and long dreadlocks. He was visibly dirty and glared at her.
They were polar opposites in EVERY respect!
This minute little granny was not afraid of how this gruff (slightly drugged) 20 something appeared. She introduced herself and then proceeded to give him the biggest bear hug you could ever imagine. I think I literally saw his anger melt away in one singular gran hug. It must have been a pretty amazing hug! She gave every person in that group a hug or a granny pat on the head.
Then in her nice pink slacks she sat down (in the rain) and proceeded to just chat to them all.

To me, she was the closest thing to jesus.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always a bride

You may remember a while back I requested that summer should pretty please come back? Well...!! It did! So I have been making the most of sunny days with beach trips, boating, donutting in the bay (being dragged behind a speedboat on a tube), regaining my tan & dreaming of playhouses. As a result I have been severely neglecting my vintage shop & blog. So I must apologise for not replying or posting (not sure anyone actually noticed?)

I must admit that I am rather excited to share these photos with my fellow bloggers! They were such fun to shoot! They were taken by the lovely Amy Oliver for her photography website. I had such fun playing dress ups as a bride. All the glamour of a real wedding minus the commitment & hassle of finding a "husband". She works wonders with that camera of hers!!! If you are a melbournian in need of a photographer, be sure check her website out!

Wishing you all lots and lots of love!
Miss Pretty