Monday, December 14, 2009

Runaway heart

An old friend & I were reminiscing about school & the many 'romances'. There seemed to be an entirely different set of rules for flirting back then. Does anyone else remember any old school flirting rules or tips? A few that we remembered were...

*Wait at the drinking taps. Waterfights = flirting.
* If you like a boy, one never tells them directly. Send a note. (The best way to send this note is to give it to your best friend who can pass it to his best friend...)
Do you like me?
Please tick the appropriate box.
YES []
NO []
PS. Please tick yes, but if you tick no I was only joking anyways...
*Play hard to get - Walk up to the boy whom you are interested in. Pick up your skirt & twirl. Smile at him. Run away as fast as you can. If they catch you they are worth dating.
*Hair flirting - An ancient artform. A girl should never underestimate the power of 'the ponytail twirl', 'the flip flip', or 'the I am just casually untying my bun & swooshing it in the gust of wind'.

So to conclude this post. The next time I see a spunky boy I may just try the "smile, twirl & chase me chase me" technique! It cant fail... right?
Dear Miss Pretty xx
ps. I made this high waisted mini skirt entirely from vintage remnants. My favourite bit is the ric rac trim! I always feel a little frenchie whenever I wear it.

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