Thursday, December 3, 2009

peacock party

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs, you may have seen it?
Sometimes when couples spend too much time together they begin to match each other. Immitating each others style, clothes, language & even the way they strut about. One of my favourite things to do when walking from point A to point B in the city is, watch out for matching couples. I would love to create a book filled with photos of matching couple street style. However is there any inconspicuous way of taking photos of a couple wearing matching 'the knitting machine exploded jumpers?' I'm not really sure that I could ever take a photo without giggling.
Anyway, the reason I began pondering on this was... Very recently I discoved that everytime I get dressed I am choosing a shade of blue or teal. Including this vintage 1960s gown, which I fondly refer to as my galactic mermaid dress. Blue is my new boyfriend!
DearMissPretty xx


  1. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comment! That color looks beautiful on you.

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