Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh enchanted afternoon

I recently visited Monsalvat. Monsalvat would be best described as a gorgeous wonderland of old French Provincial inspired buildings, complete with secret passages & turrets. It was created by a French artist as an artists colony...
The kind of place where I was utterly content to meander about completely lost (of course I got lost). Enjoying the fabulous artworks, sculptures, magnificent architecture & gorgeous gardens. Somehow in my lost vague daze I made my way to a Monet style iris garden, where I met my new best friends forever! A lovely older couple from Sydney. They were an absolute hoot!! We chatted about God, Melbourne, theatre, surfing, travel & boys for hours. They even told me their love story. The fateful afternoon they met! We exchanged emails & digits. They even offered me a beachside place to stay in Sydney! How amazing is that? I loved them! Oh how I love making unexpected new friends.
Dear Miss Pretty xx

ps. Did I mention the peacocks on the property? I was lucky enough to catch one saying hello! Isn’t he rather spectacular? Yes, if ever I own a castle I must make a note to own peacocks for the gardens. How incredibly decadent!

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