Sunday, November 29, 2009

I heart the postman xx

My little motto is that every day should be an adventure!
So naturally when I saw these pretty mailboxes, exploring was necessary. I think that I got my gypsy streak from my mother. She is an artist through & through.
The type of mother who would stop the car when driving to school so we could get out and observe a beautiful tree. I love that about her. We only live once, so we might as well stop to make the most of the time we have here on this big blue & green planet.
Perhaps it is that same artist streak in me? Whenever I roadtrip I have this overwhelming urge to take off into the countryside for good! I would become the crazy lady in a gypsy caravan with the beehive hairdo, eyeliner, fringed boots, butterfly wing shirts & fluoro nailpolish who sings to herself. I would tan on the roof of my bus & listen to nickel creek constantly!  Perhaps own a palamino pony? Definitely eat blackberrys straight off the bushes, paint, go rafting down the river, & sell my vintage wares out of my bus to any bush folk. The only potential problem with becoming a nomadic gypsy is... I wouldnt be able to have a a giraffe letterbox :(

Love you all a bushel & a peck!
DearMissPretty xoxo

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