Sunday, November 29, 2009

I heart the postman xx

My little motto is that every day should be an adventure!
So naturally when I saw these pretty mailboxes, exploring was necessary. I think that I got my gypsy streak from my mother. She is an artist through & through.
The type of mother who would stop the car when driving to school so we could get out and observe a beautiful tree. I love that about her. We only live once, so we might as well stop to make the most of the time we have here on this big blue & green planet.
Perhaps it is that same artist streak in me? Whenever I roadtrip I have this overwhelming urge to take off into the countryside for good! I would become the crazy lady in a gypsy caravan with the beehive hairdo, eyeliner, fringed boots, butterfly wing shirts & fluoro nailpolish who sings to herself. I would tan on the roof of my bus & listen to nickel creek constantly!  Perhaps own a palamino pony? Definitely eat blackberrys straight off the bushes, paint, go rafting down the river, & sell my vintage wares out of my bus to any bush folk. The only potential problem with becoming a nomadic gypsy is... I wouldnt be able to have a a giraffe letterbox :(

Love you all a bushel & a peck!
DearMissPretty xoxo

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh enchanted afternoon

I recently visited Monsalvat. Monsalvat would be best described as a gorgeous wonderland of old French Provincial inspired buildings, complete with secret passages & turrets. It was created by a French artist as an artists colony...
The kind of place where I was utterly content to meander about completely lost (of course I got lost). Enjoying the fabulous artworks, sculptures, magnificent architecture & gorgeous gardens. Somehow in my lost vague daze I made my way to a Monet style iris garden, where I met my new best friends forever! A lovely older couple from Sydney. They were an absolute hoot!! We chatted about God, Melbourne, theatre, surfing, travel & boys for hours. They even told me their love story. The fateful afternoon they met! We exchanged emails & digits. They even offered me a beachside place to stay in Sydney! How amazing is that? I loved them! Oh how I love making unexpected new friends.
Dear Miss Pretty xx

ps. Did I mention the peacocks on the property? I was lucky enough to catch one saying hello! Isn’t he rather spectacular? Yes, if ever I own a castle I must make a note to own peacocks for the gardens. How incredibly decadent!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a wonderful world!

Today I got paid to play with kids!
Who knew that fleuro coloured rice & hopping competitions could be so fun? I even mixed up some strawberry scented bubble mix & used carboard cylinders to blow mega bubbles. It was amazing fun & smelt fabulous!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

ponies, ponies, ponies...

When I was little...
I dreamed of one day owning my own talking palamino pony named 'starbright'. I would wear a red tutu dress with a black waist sash when riding her. Eventually I would train her to race & win the Melbourne Cup. Nowadays I realise that perhaps some dreams are... best kept dreams.
My love for horses has not diminished one iota. Except that these days I prefer to eat them! (Never fear I am vegetarian). So in honour of the Melbourne cup races I decided to spend a few hours baking & taste testing the different flavours of icing (definitely the best part). These cute little racehorse cookies were the end result!  Perfect for that races bbq! Mmm!
Dear Miss Pretty

ps. love you all