Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A ninety year old called me funky

So the groom may be long gone...

But the roses remain!

Aparently my very lush flowers inspired me to create this latest rose crown. I have been wearing it nonstop for the last week...
Lets face it, there is always plenty of room in my heart for flowers. I seem to have an insatiable need to dress like a desperately romantic 70s woodland fairy at all times.

Anyway, I was meandering about my locale hangouts, when a bloke randomly shouted 'I see your off to see the horsies darlin!' to which I replied 'Why no, no I just dress this way! Its fun!' Honestly, I had about 12 people ask me if I was going to the melbourne spring racing carnival... nope. Merely posting my etsy orders.

ps. The little old ladies at the post office put in their orders for customized floral crowns. Haha! No really!! A frail ninety year old called it 'very creative & funky.' Perhaps I should start a new store?

Dear Miss Pretty xx

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