Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buttons & bows

So this week I got married!

Ok so not really... I did however, model for a photography conference in the city. Which meant dressing up in a beautiful Wendy Makin gown and pretending to marry a lovely fellow named Grant. Unfortunately it rained the entire day & we were confined to the kodak building so as to not ruin the dress... Such is life. Hubby & I still managed to have a grand time, frolicking about in our wedding finery while 30 plus photographers took snaps.
My favourite moment of the day:
I managed to sneak off into the coffee room when noone was looking. So there I was, sitting at a cafeteria style table reading new idea magazine & munching on an arnotts biccy when a random walked in. He stopped in his tracks and said "WOW! You look beautiful!! But you do realise that people at the office wont judge you if you dress a little more casually... right?"
Anyway, here are some of the first snaps & a behind the scenes view!
lots of love,
Dear Mrs Pretty? xx

ps. Next time I promise to send out the invites well in advance